HIZAKI - Rusalka + Back to Nature CD

HIZAKI - Rusalka + Back to Nature CD

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HIZAKI - Rusalka + Back to Nature CD

As lead guitarist and composer for symphonic power metal bands Versailles and Jupiter, and as an instrumental metal solo artist, the brilliant fretwork of the flamboyant HIZAKI has amazed audiences all over the world. With his stunning musicianship and equally striking appearance, HIZAKI is ready to expand that global reach. Influenced by classical music, heavy metal, visual kei and more, HIZAKI’s skills as a guitarist and composer are on full display in his soaring melodies and creative sweeping solos which are sure to capture the imagination of new listeners. SETSUZOKU RECORDS is proud to partner with such an influential and important artist.

Two previous EPs, 2021's Rusalka and 2019's Back to Nature have been combined into one full-length album for the guitarist's stellar international debut release.  Features all 12 tracks on one CD in a brand new digipak design!


1. Rusalka                                                 

2. Trapeze                                 

3. Rosary Sonata                       

4. Phoenix                                  

5. Lily                                         

6. All For Love

7. Calmness & Passion

8. Wisdom

9. Sky Falls Down

10. Queen of the Night

11. Explosive Anger

12. Back to Nature